Vinyl windows have become very popular among new and old homes in need of a facelift. Their simple design, no maintenance characteristics, and energy efficiency make them a perfect choice for any window replacement. However, not all vinyl windows are created equal. In fact, there numerous differences in quality between windows that may look identical.

Here at Southfield we use Rehau’s extensive line of high quality vinyl extrusions. Our partnership with Rehau is backed by their 60+ years of experience in the polymer and construction industry. This ensures our customers receive the latest in vinyl technology year after year. Currently Rehau’s extrusions are being manufactured with what’s referred to as “Virgin Vinyl”. This new vinyl is manufactured and extruded with its original vinyl chemical solution. This original solution ensures the pristine bright white color never fades or changes color for 20+ years.

Glass is another important factor to take into consideration when choosing your windows. Most windows in today’s market are double glazed- meaning each Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) comprises two panes of glass connected by a spacer. For enhanced energy performance Low Emissivity (Low E), and argon gas are standard on all of our windows. Triple glazed units are also used for added efficiency and noise deduction.

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